About Us

First A little about the Creator, Well my name is Brandon Potter, I first had the idea to make a youtube account with the name Tv Head Studios, to help people with World Of Warcraft Tech. stuff, and plain wow videos, then I added my reviews for games. After time, I decided to make a whole website decicated to the media. It was only for fun and bordom. Well I had told friends about it, and they liked the idea of the site, so I gathered alot of people to join in. So heres our Project website, Note This really is not our real website. Me and a few others are designing a new website for the actutual website. So this will do us just fine.

All of our Tv Head Studio's staff are friendly, Helpfull, and willing to make you satisfied with all our content. See we don't only do reivews but tech support with games, or something of your choice, just let us know and we will get on it. Thank you for reading, we will post more soon. Oh and get the word out about this website!


Well heres our CEO, this guy can help you with much of the questions you might have. He checks the sites email,

What he does?

1. Xbox live tech support                                                                                                                   

2. Game Reviews

3. Tech Support


I am the person who represents our website. My name is Jonathan Reyes. I also can help with any tech problem that you might need. You can either go with a CEO, or me.
What I do:

1. I am incharge of the forums.

2. Tech Support.

3. Photos

Our all around good guy

This guy deals, Brent Ward with our motion media, and our poll viewer/tally counter. Hes our major advertisement guy. Becuase of his up beat aditude gaurentees our websites success! As well gives out polls so we know what the people want on our website.