Editor: Justin Carson/ Head Game Editor-Game reviews

Puplished: October 22, 2008

Game: Rating:E       Action: 3/10    Controls:4/10      Graphics:4/10              Stradegy: 5/10         Overall: 3/10    

Our Review For all thoses familar with the Harvest Moon game series, lets explain, Harvest Moon. Basicly you run a small farm. Rune Factory is actutly difrint from Harvest Moon, because you can fight monsters with swords, axes, hammer, spears. A whole new veraity of weapons at your desposaal are now open.You can even be-friend monsters to help water and harvest your crops, heal you, to mount for increased speed, or even help you ward off monsters from your fields. Build up your farm, make friends, get married, be-fired, discover why monsters are even attacking your fields. This would be a great game, maybe with a sequal were your could pick a race, with a better use for weapons and spells. This really is a good quiet game with mild action, great for car trips.

Rating Summery: The action exists,but rather slow sction. Very good vareity of thinkable stradegy in farming and fighting however.

System: Nitendo DS

Makers: Natsume

NOTE: Please see photos for gaming pics, game vids will be updated with the Harvest Moon gameplay, so check back