Guest Employee?

How to be a guest employee? Its rather simple. All you have to do is send us an emial to, and one of our support representives will respond with some few brief questions, just to see what area you might be intrested in. With so many reviews there are numerous positions to do. Please remeber this is a fun website, non profit, there is no money coming into the website. So just no there will not be any payment what so ever. Hence the name guest employees. Note that the employees that meet up and design ideas and content for the website do no get paid either. Now being a guest employee does not give you Inside access to our webfiles. Hence "guest employee" However, we have a system that allows ranks to be incorperated as a guest employee. You start off as a UREs(Under Review Editor) As the more reviews you do for us, the higher the ladder you will climb. Of course we do not rank simply on "how many reviews you do" but on items such as, how they sound, grammer, clearity, etc... Also since you write reviews to us, its not like will "keep you under the table" we will post your name with your reviews, and post your name in our "Our Team" section and put your name, with how many reivews you've done under ther UREs tab. Just send all your reviews to our email adress given above, so consider joining the growing campaign of Tv Head Studios. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us. Thank You