Gunz: The Duel

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Gunz:The Duel was an actually a really creative game. We've really never seen any type of game like this. Gunz is a massive online 3rd person shooter, with a vast range of weapons, clothes, items, and swords. What we really liked about Gunz was how fast pace the game went by. With experience players develop a skill or technique with the combonation of swords and gunz. However the graphics could use a little touch up. Gunz had a blocky interface to it. We also found alot of glitches in the game. This is due to a bad networking problem and it really all depends on the players networking database. Over all here is our ratings.



Overall:         7/10

Graphics:      5/10

Networking:  6/10

Sounds:         6/10

Animations:   5/10

Weps/items:  8/10