session_start(); include("database.php"); /** * Returns true if the username has been taken * by another user, false otherwise. */ function usernameTaken($username){ global $conn; if(!get_magic_quotes_gpc()){ $username = addslashes($username); } $q = "select username from users where username = '$username'"; $result = mysql_query($q,$conn); return (mysql_numrows($result) > 0); } /** * Inserts the given (username, password) pair * into the database. Returns true on success, * false otherwise. */ function addNewUser($username, $password){ global $conn; $q = "INSERT INTO users VALUES ('$username', '$password')"; return mysql_query($q,$conn); } /** * Displays the appropriate message to the user * after the registration attempt. It displays a * success or failure status depending on a * session variable set during registration. */ function displayStatus(){ $uname = $_SESSION['reguname']; if($_SESSION['regresult']){ ?>


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We're sorry, but an error has occurred and your registration for the username , could not be completed.
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Registration Page 30){ die("Sorry, the username is longer than 30 characters, please shorten it."); } /* Check if username is already in use */ if(usernameTaken($_POST['user'])){ $use = $_POST['user']; die("Sorry, the username: $use is already taken, please pick another one."); } /* Add the new account to the database */ $md5pass = md5($_POST['pass']); $_SESSION['reguname'] = $_POST['user']; $_SESSION['regresult'] = addNewUser($_POST['user'], $md5pass); $_SESSION['registered'] = true; echo ""; return; } else{ /** * This is the page with the sign-up form, the names * of the input fields are important and should not * be changed. */ ?> Registration Page