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Please go to the new website thank you! Click anywhere on this update title

All the content here will no longer be updated however will stay on the website. Tv Shows may be on our new website.

Chat Room!

To expand our media website, we have added a chat room for your pleasure. This will serve for a more friendly and better way to talking to our visitors. If you have any questions, you can check into our chat room to see if any tv head rep is online, this takes out the email, snice to many it has been a burden. This allows email to be a more serious matter, for people to send in their art, or band reviews or their own personal media, and of course it will still be open to questions if you dont catch us on our chat room. Also the chat room allows you to chat with other people that are online as well neat huh?

Tv Head News

Big News on Tv Head Studios

Ok, our ideas at tvheadstudios have now florusished, in that we have decided that we will no longer write reviews for games and movies, or music. We will write reviews for upcoming bands. Peoples art, programs(tech), and online games. That includes private servers. So be sure to look out for the new section for our reviews!

Were taking off...

Well like our title says we are getting rid of somethings, for this we are sorry. Mini- games will no longer be featured on the site, becuase of the number of pages it would take to create a succsesful mini game enjoyment, however that does not mean you will not be able to play mini games sponsered by Tv Head Studios, before we had made this website we had a few other test websites, that website had sufficent page loading that made it simple to control. We were able to add at least 15 mini games in 15 mins. So we will simply update that website only for mini games. Thank you. Here is the link for mini games.

Click Here for mini games!

Just some more information

Hiya guys, well our emial adress are up and running, so now people can send in your applications to joinn as a Guest Employee. To get more info about becoming a Guest Employee, click here.

Will also be posting a sample game review so you can see what it the format for the game review page will look like!

Will also be working on a Photo, Game Video, Movie trailers section up soon, using You Tube. If we find a better player that uses the format were looking for then we will but so far we have not, and youtube's updated video player is fast and easy to use. The youtube player saves us pages, and we can add videos to the player from on our account, that way we get motion media to you faster.


Well, hello everyone, welcome to the new Project Website for Tv Head Studios. A little bit about our website? This is a media website, we mostly deal with reviews, such as, Games, Music, Tv, Movies, and Home made videos for people around the world. So this will take a long time to create, but will keep everyone updated. If your intrested in joining as a guest empolee, we strongly encourage that, for more information please read the Guest Empolee section. We host Actuall tv shows from websites like, Hulu. Please emial us for suggestions for tv shows. Mini games will be on our website as well, so just visit the Mini-Game section, to play. Thanks for visiting! Will Update soon!

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